Quality Casting Service to Türkiye and Europe with 2 Factories

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Steel Casting

Steel Casting

We are trying to meet the needs of the industry with high quality and trouble-free steel casting alloys, which can show many different properties with alloys formed with various elements.

The steel castings we produce are generally for the automotive industry, but together with the defense industry, aerospace and machinery sectors. We provide service.

To meet the needs of companies producing sheet metal molds for the automotive industry. We answer. There is also a lot about stainless steel casting. Kutluk Döküm, which has experience, responds to the demands of the sector. gives.

Maximum 10 in one piece in steel alloys and stainless steel group We can cast up to tons of castings.

Metallography samples taken before and after each casting is tested in the laboratory. Casting without laboratory approval operation is not performed.