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(HOSAB) 1 .cadde No:23 Nilüfer / BURSA
Bozüyük Location


m2 Indoor Area
TONS Monthly Casting Capacity

Bozüyük Our New and Modern Factory is at Your Service in Bozüyük

As Kutluk Döküm, we have been operating in Bursa for years with our understanding of reliable production. However, in order to meet our increasing production needs and to further improve our service quality, we made a new investment and established a modern factory in Bozüyük. We are happy to inform you about our new investment.

Our new factory was established on an area of 16,000 square meters. Our factory consists of 3 halls. It includes 5 induction furnaces, 2 sand mixers, 1 reclamation machine, 1 sandblasting station, 1 heat treatment furnace, 5 overhead cranes and metallography laboratory.

The establishment process of our factory was completed in September 2022 and we started production activities. In our new factory, we make our production process more efficient by using the latest technological equipment. In this way, we aim to provide faster and higher quality service to our customers. In our new factory, we have expanded our product range to meet the needs of our customers. In our new factory, we primarily produce large-scale casting parts. In addition, we produce products that appeal to different sectors such as machine parts, automotive parts, agricultural equipment parts. We aim to further strengthen our cooperation with our existing customers and to come to an important point in the sector by cooperating with our new customers. We always strive to raise our production and quality standards in our factory.